• The Rise of Kirin Ichiban – Launch Event

    9th April, 2014

    The unveiling of Kirin Ichiban was a spectacular affair which saw the beer being launched in a Japanese food street setting in the presence of over 400 attendees, including several esteemed guests. It was a night of stunning performances, great beer and pure, good times.

    >> Witness the rising HERE
  • The Star Bloggers Yatai Showdown

    13th June, 2014

    Popular bloggers Juwei Teoh and Bryan Loo put their culinary skills to good use at Kirin Ichiban’s Star Bloggers Yatai Showdown which took place on 13th June 2014. Fun, good food, a little healthy competition and a whole lot of Kirin Ichiban beer were shared!

    >> Immerse in the Yatai experience HERE
  • Malaysia's First Glamping Night 2014

    3rd October, 2014

    Malaysia’s First Glamping Night 2014 is a night of good times, great food, and even better beer!
    Take in the bright lights, unique activities and refreshing performances.
    It’s camping with a purely delicious twist.

    >> Get a taste of Glamping HERE